So you are interested in dating rich women. Perhaps even in dating rich older women. But you are not sure how to find rich women. In this article I will give you some ideas on how to find rich women. How to approach them and the methods that might get your foot in the door.

Why would you want to date rich women or a rich older women?

First of all when we talk about rich older women we are not talking about Betty White here. If you want to find some rich geriatric sugar momma, hey all the more power to you, perhaps this article will help you, but as Austin Powers says, “that’s not my bag, baby”. The reasons you might want too are simple, she likely has a lot of experience and may be able to show you a world you are not used to. It is certainly a different experience from dating a 19 year old coed, with its own unique challenges.

How do you find rich women

If you are going for coeds, your best bet is to go to a college town, and visit the college hang out spot. It is no different with rich women just the venue changes. Every place you need to go should be upscale. Fancy restaurants and bars or ritzy department stores might be one idea. Another is to join a stable/riding club, a yacht club or a gym in the high end part of town. Obviously all these take some effort and money yourself to even get in the door. You are unlikely to meet rich women in your local club or bar, it could happen, but it just is not likely. You need to put out some effort to understand what she wants and likes, put some effort to understand her world and lay that on top of your game. It is a unique challenge

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