Peg bags are bags that can hold pegs. If you have washed clothes on a clothesline in a windy area, you can appreciate the use of pegs. However, pegs have this uncanny knack of going missing or being too far just when they are needed the most. These clothespin bag can save you this pain by holding all the pins together within your reach.

Some common aspects of these clothespin bags are that they are typically made of cloth (eco friendly, if you are one!) And are extremely durable but light. They come with convenient hanging options too like regular clothes hanger or handles.

While choosing or making a peg bag, you must take care that they are really suited for their intended use. These bags typically will remain on the clothesline or relatively close to that, meaning that they will be exposed to outside climate always perennially. These bags need to be sturdy enough to withstand that exposure.

In general, you would look for a couple of important aspects in these bags. The first one obviously is the capacity. What's the use of a fancy bag that can not hold even half your pegs! The second one, as discussed is its ability to handle external weather. This would include its ability to drain water, dry out quickly, and not smell, among others.

Of course, if you believe that you have more than one bag that satisfies the above-mentioned features, then you go for the next best aspect to decide on yours – the looks. Yes, if you have a bunch of good, durable peg bags, pick the one that you think looks the best or suits you the best. For many people, these bags may not be utility bags after all. With the washing and drying machines, clothesline drying is fast diminishing – for them these clothespin bags are more of a collectible.

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